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For whom are magic truffles?

Would you like to explore your inner world? Do you want to connect with your spirituality?

Would you like to explore your inner world? Would you like to connect to your spirituality?
Are you depressed but don’t want to start using antidepressants?
Are there problems in this reality (technical, creative, interpersonal) that you’d like to solve?
Are you in mourning?
Have you had traumas that you would like to process?

What can happen?

Because psilocybin creates new neural connections in your brain and shuts off your Default Mode Network, you can have new insights and solutions to your problems by using truffles. 

Often people have an emotional breakthrough during or after a ceremony. 

We recommend that you do not participate in a ceremony if you are:

  • susceptible to and/or history of psychosis
  • being treated with lithium
  • pregnant or breast-feeding

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