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For thousands of years truffles have been used for rituals and for healings.

At 10:00 the ceremony begins by forming a circle. The six participants can get acquainted with each other and with the two guides. We will invite you to talk about what your intentions are for the day and what your expectations are for the ceremony.

The truffles will be distributed around 11:00. While the truffles start to work, the participants will be invited to lie down in their own safe space with their eyes closed. This will be accompanied by shamanic drumming to induce the trance.

At 11:30 or so, everyone’s’ journey will start, accompanied by music. The two guides will be present the entire time. They will not take any truffles and stay sober so that they can create a safe environment for everyone and offer assistance should that be needed.

Around 16:00, fruit, nuts and herbal tea will be served as everyone slowly returns from their journey.

During this time everyone will have the opportunity to go to another space where they can create a mandala. Paper, crayons, markers, etc. will be provided. In order to process and integrate the experience, it is important in our view to express it in a creative manner and not to try to make a story out of it.

By 17:00 the circle will come together again to talk about their mandala and what they experienced during their journey. It is easier to talk about what has occurred during the journey through the medium of the mandala. There will be room for individual attention should the processing of the journey not be entirely complete.

Afterwards, a light meal will be served.

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Since new neural connections are being made in your brain, it’s possible to have new insights during your journey.

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